High Speed Programming Solution for Micro-Controller 

  • Base on ARM core technology to optimize the programming speed and reliability.

  • Flexible single socket top board design, cover engineer lab and mass production demand, easy to lead T4 for first article process.

  • T4D is the dedicated SKB for CPLD devices and it's not available on 9200+


High Speed and Flexible Programming Solution for eMMC

  • Support eMMC v4.4,v4.1,v4.5,v5.0,v5.1. 

  • Support smart mode,partition mode and clone mode.

  • Support eMMC image builder.

  • Programming speed up to 36MB per second.


High Speed Programming Solution for UFS 

  • Gang 4 UFS Programming. 

  • Support UFS v2.0, v2.1 and v3.0.

  • Support UFS high speed Gear 1 Rate A ~ HS-Gear 3 Rate B.

  • Strong System General UFS Image Builder software to convert the customize Image File.

  • High Speed performance up to Read: 428 MB/s and Write: 254MB/s


High Speed and Flexible Programming Solution for NAND and NOR Flash

  • Support rebuild image via NAND image builder for NAND. 

  • High speed flash programming. 

  • Support CRC validation. 

  • Program time 40Mb/s for NAND.


Customize High Insertion Count Socket Board Solution 

  • Customized High Insertion Count socket board solution for WLCSP(Wafer Level CSP) package

  • Safety latch design to protect the target devices during insertion operation.

  • Pogo pins designs for replacement.